Internet Business – Email Marketing Vs Pay Per Click

Pasi Kaarakainen

What is the main difference between email marketing and pay per click (ppc) marketing? Shortly, email marketing is a cleverly written sales letter, which you send to your mailing list, about your internet business and products. Pay per click, on the other hand, is a short ad about your business and products. Every time someone clicks your ad you have to pay a small fee to service provider. Both methods have their own pros and cons and in this article we will take a closer look at those.

Benefits of email marketing over pay per click

1. This is an easy process to reach a huge customer base with perfectly written sales letter. Pay per click is based on keywords and it needs more technical research and approach.

2. No expenses are involved (except autoresponder provider's fee, if you have one). If you have a large database of addresses you can start doing your advertisement for free. Pay per click involves expenses and you have to pay every time someone clicks your ad.

3. Sales letter sent to your mailing list is quite precise to your needs, while in ppc advertising a small mistake in keyword selection can result in a huge wastage of your money.

4. You can make repetitive requests to your prospects. With ppc this is not possible.

5. You can always immediately inform your prospects about new updates and offers of your products. This cannot be done with ppc since your ads appear arbitrary in other people's websites.

Benefits of pay per click over email marketing:

1. Email marketing needs a database of addresses to start, whereas with ppc you do not need any earlier contacts.

2. Response in email marketing usually takes time. Ppc approach can give you almost instant response.

3. It takes time to test the effectiveness of different sales letters in your emails. Pay per click gives you an opportunity to test different campaigns rather faster.

4. Email marketing does not give you any visibility and reputation to anyone else but your prospects. With ppcl your presence will be displayed at various prominent places in the virtual world.

5. Marketing through emails is a continuous process and needs a constant approach. When your ppc campaign is ready and well-designed, you can pretty much automate your promotion efforts.

These are a few important positives and negatives about email marketing and pay per click advertising. Guarantee of success cannot be given in either one of these methods, but when doing it properly, both of them can be extremely beneficial for your internet business.

Pasi Kaarakainen is internet marketer. Visit his internet business ideas website or internet business blog to learn more about internet marketing and the ways to make money online.

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