Internet Home Business After Retirement

 Harry McCoy

Early in my career, I thought how wonderful retirement would be. After many years of work, I approached the time of retirement. I became excited just thinking about the freedom I would have to go where I wanted, when I wanted and stay as long as I liked. No place to be and nothing that must be finished by a certain time. How great is that? Over the years I had put away the funds I thought would satisfy our needs and wants after retirement. Happy days were about to begin. Retirement...such a beautiful thing...I thought. My active working career ended and I was free. No more schedules to keep, no more employee concerns. I could walk out and never look back.

Getting bored in retirement? I never thought about that; however I soon found out it can happen. In my case the euphoria of retirement lasted only a few months. I found I was looking for things to do. After being creative and productive for so many years nothing that retired people do, vacations and such, seemed to satisfy my desire to achieve. I liked the freedom of being home but the desire to build something was too strong to ignore. I didn't want a job. I wanted a challenge. I looked at several things but nothing seemed to fit. My children suggested I look into an internet business. They said this was an evolving concept and would be good for me. An internet business seemed a good idea and the challenge I was looking for was there. I was reasonably proficient with the computer and felt comfortable working online. What would I sell and how would I deliver it? I went back to what I knew best, the industry I had worked in for so many years. Home furnishings and accessories was what I knew best. I had the contacts and I knew how that business worked at least in a fixed location showroom.

But how to set up a business online was a mystery to me. I found a company that helped me set up the basics and a mentor to help me with the marketing. This was different and challenging. Just what I needed. Many companies are available to help you get started. I found some of my old suppliers would work with me on purchase and delivery issues. I found my niche. Challenged, working at my own pace but building something. I have the best of both worlds. A business I can build into a secure and profitable endeavor from home. A new world of business has opened up for me and my retirement now looks great.

Today I have the freedom I love and the feeling of accomplishment that is so very important to my mental health. My internet business is going great. If your retirement is beginning to become boring, look to your previous career. Think about creating and building an internet home based business. Find someone to help you set it up and get it running. Then enjoy a meaningful, profitable retirement.

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