Debt Reduction Advice – Einstein Could Have Used It!

 Dann Roberts

Do you feel financially dumb or do you think you're a financial genius? If you're in debt then you probably think of yourself as dumb, not a genius. But this isn't necessarily true. There is no relationship between debt and intelligence!

Many people think the groundbreaking "geniuses" of history were financially smart and disciplined. In fact, the EXACT OPPOSITE is true in most cases! For example all of these famous people have gone bankrupt or died in poverty:

- Christopher Columbus (discovered the New World - died in poverty)
- P.T. Barnum (founded Barnum & Bailey's Circus - died in poverty)
- Francis Ford Coppola (God Father director - went bankrupt early in career)
- Walt Disney (created animation empire - went bankrupt early in career)

...and many others!

All of these "geniuses" would have benefited from some good debt reduction advice!

Trying to pay off your debts without debt reduction advice can be like discovering a new world, inventing the newest scientific breakthrough, and becoming the biggest worldwide pop star all in one challenge. It's a major challenge because most people don't know what to do to make it happen. When you try to solve the problem without debt reduction advice, you are handicapping yourself and delaying your success. In fact, you are probably losing thousands of dollars in interest and fees by simply not doing the right things in the right sequence.

So what's the first step in transforming yourself from "financially dumb" to "financial genius?" You're right! Do what REAL financial geniuses do and seek a debt reduction advice now.

Dann Roberts specializes in financial research and advice relating to personal lending, debt, making money in creative ways, and investing for a financial future. He has authored many articles and financial success stories of people from all walks of life (including his own high debt survival story).

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