Mowing Your Way to Business

Mika Hamilton

So who enjoys mowing their lawn?

Would you rather just sit on your folding chair, listen to music and sip a nice glass of ice-cold lemonade or take a nice swim on a hot summer's day? Would you rather have someone attend to your own lawn for you?

One of the best ways to earn cash is by helping people out and a grass cutting service has a lot of potential. And you don't even need to know a lot about gardening to start one. A grass cutting service is practically one of the easiest businesses to advertise. Most of your costumers will be the ones just nearby, so you can start by calling up your friends around the neighborhood, offering your services and telling them to spread the word.

It would be best if you could create your own flyer's at home (use your creativity to make it look impressive to attract costumers) and get them printed cheaply by your local printer. Don't forget to include your home and cell phone number. Give out these home-made flyer's, door to door or outside a local cafe or grocery store and you would probably get several calls instantly.

Know your competitors' price and establish yours within a similar price range. You also need to know how your clients would like their lawns to be done and how often they would like it to be attended to. Provide yourself with a planner, take note of all your appointments and make sure you don't double book or forget to come. It's also necessary that you list down your clients' telephone numbers in case you need to reschedule your visit.

Some costumers may let you use their own mowers but it is necessary that you also have your own one. You run a risk using their equipment and if something goes wrong, deal with it. Provide yourself with spare parts, in case some damage in you equipment comes up and make sure to clean up after yourself before you leave, unless your costumers may want their grass clippings for a compost bin.

If it is possible, do a little extra work like weeding or watering the other plants, perhaps; whatever you and your costumer can agree upon.

Also make sure that you have a contingency plan if ever the weather gets bad or if something comes up and always reschedule immediately when things are better.

If your clients are satisfied, they will actually refer you to their friends. This business can be dangerous when you find yourself too in demand and your schedule fully-loaded. Make sure you spare a weekend, or whichever day you prefer, providing yourself with a rest day or two.

A grass cutting service is a wonderful opportunity to build a worthwhile business by doing something for people that they don't want to do themselves. You earn and at the same time get a lot of exercise, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's a fun experience. Make the most of it.

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