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The task of getting on the first page of Google can seem a hopeless challenge. That's logical considering highly competitive Google really is. But the optimization isn't that tough and the taskjob} is quite achievable. There are a number of SEO tactics that you can employ to work your site up the Google listings, the most effective among them being getting backlinks to your site.

To start off, let's see why sites reach the top of search engine results. The reasons are majorly 2 - their on-site factors and off-site factors. On-site factors constitute keyword density - whether relevant keywords are employed in the URL, title, heading, description and content of the site. Even more important are the the factors off the site like Page rank, backlinks and directory listing. So the primary reason for those sites having a top search listing is that they have a lot of sites linking back to them and each of those links becomes a vote of approval for the site itself.

You can check the number of links pointing back to your site by searching for the following phrases:

Google: link: Yoursite

Yahoo: linkdomain: Yoursite

** Yahoo normally gives a more detailed result on the links. Not enough to outrank Google as the numero uno search engine though.

But just getting a lot of backlinks to your site is not enough. Also to be considered is the reputation of the sites from where you're getting the backlinks. It implies that the citation is valued by the source giving it. So a citation from would mean much more than one from any }}}. Straight forward, right? For that matter, if you happen to get a backlink from such as source, you'll be done with your SEO for life. Pretty easy folks!!

On a more serious note, the value of a backlink goes up dramatically when it originates from a site of good page rank. As a matter of fact, a backlink from a site ranked higher by 1 is worth 100 links from one below that. Hence what you need is a combination of quantity and quality of backlinks. A page rank is a measurement to give information into a site's global link popularity that again says how many sites are linking back to them as well as the importance of those sites. That is the inter relationship between backlinks and page ranks.

Along with link popularity, it also important to have link reputation which is to do with anchor text. The anchor text is the the word or words in front of the backlink and it should have the keywords that you bid for. Make it a point to cross-check that the anchor text is relevant to the content on the pointing site or else you might get penalised sooner or later. With SEO always look for long term as it takes time to build.

Backlinks can built in a number of ways. Here's a few of them,

Social Bookmarking - A lot of the social bookmarking sites have got good page ranks which helps (Eg: Squidoo, Hubpages, Digg)

Social Networking sites - Look for pages which are indexed by search engines (Eg: Fan pages on Facebook).

Article submission - Article directories are very search engine friendly. Two of the best known article sites are EzineArticles and GoArticles.

Video submission - Videos are extremely popular. Though search engines don't index videos, you can get over this issue by having keywords in your title, description and the filename.

Forums in the niche - Look for popular forums belonging to your niche and be an active member there and make sure that your signature contains backlinks to your site.

Directory Listing - Places like Yahoo directory and DMOZ are very much in demand and you'll find almost any category to list your site

If you feel that this is a lot of work, take a moment and analyse how much it is worth. It beats paid Ads hands down in many ways. For starters it is easy on your pocket comparatively as you'll be spending a fraction of the cost and secondly it persists unlike paid Ads which will be brought down if you don't keep paying for them. Surely it is more work and won't have instant results like paid Ads. But you're incrementally improving your page rank by consistently increasing the number of backlinks which helps you long term. It takes you to the top in time and keeps you there. And that is why all the time and effort spent on it pay off.

So folks, bring on those cloaks or hooks or whatever and start building links. There is no better way to get on top of Google; Any guesses how much that is worth?

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