5 Helpful Time Management Tips To Help You Master Your Time

Patricia Strasser
Some time management tips that you can follow to help you master your time are: break bigger projects into smaller tasks, set your priority, set a deadline, be flexible, and learn to say no.

Managing your time is indeed a very challenging task. It is a constant task of improving and planning your time so you can have a more productive life. If you are able to practice proper time management then mastering your time will be easier. To accomplish your responsibilities well, it is important to learn some time management tips:

1. Break bigger projects into smaller tasks

Break bigger tasks into smaller activities for you to avoid the overwhelming pressures of large responsibilities. Simply plan the schedule for accomplishing large scale projects into a smaller, gradual, and easier process. In this way, you are given enough preparation to anticipate the next thing that you should accomplish. For example, you can study a whole book by scheduling a fifteen minute session everyday. During weekends, you could try answering follow-up questions in every chapter. During break times, you could ask your friend for a random quick review regarding the book you are studying. Instead of getting worried over cognitive overload by studying in one sitting, gradual and small studying techniques will lessen the pressure. Over time, you will realize that you are reading the last pages already.

2. Set your priority

Setting your priority defines your lifestyle. This is also the most crucial and important tip that will enhance your time management skills. By setting your priorities you will be able to know what is most important to you. This will also gradually guide you in setting your time frame to finish your activities. Set your priorities well and plan the schedule that you will follow.

3. Set a deadline

Deadlines are a concrete step to getting your work done. After being able to set your priorities, the given deadline will make you get to work. Make sure that the deadline is realistic and workable enough for you to meet the goal. Appropriately set the time on when a certain task will be accomplished. Provide a leeway for unexpected distractions. Do not overestimate your work, and keep the discipline in following the deadline that you have set.

4. Be flexible

Also, expect for the possibility of distractions and interruptions. Although it would be better to have a smooth sailing schedule so you can accomplish your task, sometimes dealing with these interruptions can be helpful. Be flexible, and always prepare for the unexpected. This will also lessen the pressure and anxiety in case unexpected situations happen.

5. Learn to say no

Opportunities will only come once. However, learning on say no will come in handy most of the time. Always consider your priority and schedule first before agreeing to any proposal. Be responsible enough to accept tasks that you are capable of accomplishing.

Never waste time and always seize the day. After all, mastering your time is next to mastering your course in life.

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