The Shocking Truth About Success

Angelo Campione

We often think that if things aren't going well for us, to have things change, we have to “do” something different. There's a saying that goes, “if you want what you've never had, then you need to do what you've never done”. However, you can't create lasting change through action alone.

There's always one thing that happens before action is taken, and that is “thought”. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you have an idea that leads to you getting up and doing something.

The problem is, without a foundational shift within you, the actions you take will most likely lead to recreating very similar circumstances again.

Let me give an example, lets say that each month you keep aiming to save money but invariably you find that something crops up with you car or your home and you have to spend the saved amount. It seems like there's no choice but to take the action of getting a second job in order to begin saving.

What we don't realize is that this action is based on either doubt, fear or worry! When we take actions from this place of powerlessness, the results can never be what you want because your focus is on avoiding what you don't want!

Let me say this another way, when you take actions in the “hope” that something will turn out well, because you fear or worry that it won't, then your underlying feelings are shining a light on the things you not wanting. And life has a way of giving us whatever is our dominant focus rather than what we may say we want!

You may notice how people will say, “I just knew things weren't going work out”, how can they know it? It was their dominant intent.

The thing is, how we feel about something is what we send out in a vibrational sense. To understand this, think about sharks, they sense vibrations in the water and their instinct is to attack and eat something that vibrates fear. It's for this reason that people that are completely comfortable with sharks can be in the water with them, the shark senses that they are at ease and therefore not something that triggers the attack instinct within them.

You've probably heard about the Law of Attraction, this law states that like vibrations are always attracted to each other. So if you focus on something you desire and “feel” anxious or overwhelmed, then don't take action yet, your dominant vibration will be the anxiousness and overwhelm!

The time to take action is when it feels like a natural, logical step to take, without forces or struggling. Strain, pain and effort don't come into the equation when you are aligned from within. Success is guaranteed when you are aligned because you realize that the joy of being aligned is the real success, the outcome of it just a nice bonus!

Remember, you can outwardly pretend be a positive person but unless you make small changes so that you feel better within yourself in the moment, the success you desire is likely to stay at bay.

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Angelo Campione is a writer and publisher of Mindfulness related articles. He has real life experience in dealing with emotional pain and now walks the path that has him live a life of Purpose, Joy and Freedom. He is passionate about helping to raise consciousness and runs an online Mindfulness Series Free of charge.
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