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Kurt Naulaerts
If you are looking for free promotion of your website, boost your sales, and dramatically increase your earning potential, boy do we have the answer for you. Articles! Many people simply do not realize it, but articles are about the easiest way to increase both your traffic and your earnings at the same time.

You are probably asking, how does this work?

Well, if you write an article or ten that possess content directly related to your website, product, or services, then submit them to any of the free article submission websites you will have found the key to opening the doors of potential. What is great about this method is that it does not take a whole lot of time, it is really easy, anyone can do it, and the method can dramatically increase income due to its ability to increase traffic, which will thus increase sales.

Now you are probably wondering how article writing can increase income and traffic?

Each article you write, submit to a free submission website, which costs you no out of pocket money, because it is well, free! Each article will also contain a direct link to your website, at the bottom in what is called a resource box. What this means for you, is that any person reading the article, could very well click upon that link and see what your website has to offer them.

Another key factor with this method is that because your articles are posted on these submission websites, other webmasters can publish the articles on their own website. Of course, in order to do this, there are provisions. One such provision is that the webmaster using the article, must keep the resource box intact. Which means your link is being placed on that website, along with the article, which could in fact lead to more traffic.

Essentially the more articles you post to these websites, the more they are going to be used, and the more exposure you, your website, and your business gets. Each time you submit an article, you are submitting another link. What is better is that it is absolutely free. Now another factor in this is that many search engines such as Google, place a lot of weight on the fact if your website has incoming links from other websites. Placing articles in these submission services, gives you incoming links, which could increase your website ranking.

Now each time a person reads your article, the chances for them clicking that link, is greater and greater. Even if the person does not purchase your service or products the first time, it is likely they will remember you in the future. The more articles, the more links, the more potential customers you have.

Of course, the article has to have relevancy to what your website has to offer. For example, if you were selling automobile parts, you would not want to submit an article about dog food. Make sure that whatever you submit is interesting and relevant to whatever products or services you have. For example, using the same topic as above, automobile parts, you could write many articles based on this topic because it so vast and expansive. Therefore, some titles could be, "What to look for when buying a part for your foreign car", or "Finding the cheapest parts for your domestic vehicle". There are so many different aspects and the key is to finding what works best for you.

When people think of search engines, they think of website indexing. However, this is not all a search engine is good for. They also work to index articles that have been published as well.

Many people have realized that what an article submission service does, is a very lucrative method for traffic generation and have begun doing the very same thing. The question is, will you hop on that train as well and increase your traffic, your sales, and your income. Then this web site promotion service may well be your ideal partner.
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