Proven Business Model Participates In World’s Greatest Transfer of Wealth

Harley Hunter
There is a business model for success which has allowed many entrepreneurs to build multi-million dollar companies. This business model was really popularized about 12 years ago and became known as the "Cash Flow Quadrant" by the best selling financial education author, Robert Kiyosoki in his book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Together with Donald Trump, they said "The only way to amass true wealth is having your own business and/or investing wisely."

World wide, the true wealthy have mastered wealth in two ways. They own a business and are also investing their way to wealth so they don't always have to work for their money. Obviously, the goal here is to have their money work for them so they don't have to work as hard at the business. It is not a new paradigm, rather it's been used by entrepreneurs forever but the great majority of the population have never caught that vision nor have most colleges and universities.

Historically, and it remains true to this day, we've all been taught to work for our paycheck by being employed by someone else or a big corporation or having a profession. Also, we've been taught to take advantage of our employer's retirement plan and other fringe benefits and when we are old and gray, our retirement funds and medical plans will take care of us.

Well, most people are finally realizing what a crock that has been. The world is full of people who have worked their butts off for an employer; 60-80 hour weeks are not uncommon. They've traveled the world without their family and never saw anything. One of the results of business travel is a lot of time eating with customers and gaining too much weight while encountering high blood pressure and other health issues . Their daily routines never had a sense of balance to their life and they either ended up divorced or were strangers to their children. Then the major worldwide financial debacle hit them; financial uncertainty is staring them in the face as their homes and retirement plans went upside down.

All of this brings us back to the Cash Flow Quadrant or any business plan that is similar in nature and the greatest transfer of wealth that is presently under way that only 2% of the population is aware of. Experts predict that over the 10-15 years, household wealth will double, exceeding $100 trillion dollars, creating more millionaires than at any point in history while the middle class implodes itself with debt.

There is no doubt that more millionaires were created out of the Great Depression than at any other time in history. The same transfer of wealth will occur again as a result of the constant greed and corruption of the Wall Street, political, and regulatory elites who created and are making worse the present world wide financial debacle.

However, as the experts predict, there will be more opportunity to participate in this present transfer of wealth than ever before for those who know how to leverage globally the power of the internet with its constantly increasing billions of users.

So, bottom line, what is the most effective "Cash Flow Quadrant" for our world today? In its present day form, it appears to be a significant cash flow business from home by marketing on the internet. Potentially,from many investigations, this route is putting many people in the driver's seat to generate cash flow and accumulate assets. As a result, people do have an alternative from being an employee or tied to a profession. Being one's own boss has the potential to build wealth and, with it, a balanced lifestyle so you can really enjoy your success with those you love.

Normally, an existing or aspiring entrepreneur will have a successful mentor who will guide them in the uses of various resources and tools and how, with proper implementation, to create wealth not only from his own business but with the assets he accumulates as he becomes money and investment smart.

Harley Hunter, entrepreneur first created, developed and used his Elite Wealth Plan protocol 40 years ago and is now offering entrepreneurs a home based business opportunity to participate in his third multi-million dollar company where hard work, commitment and persistence to apply proven internet marketing strategies is paying off with a potential to earn $250K their first year. For more information, go to
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