A More Effective Financial Planning Model For Today

Harley Hunter
Wow, Uncle Sam is making a bad situation worse by their bailouts and so-called stimulus packages. Individuals making their living providing financial planning and investment advisory are questioning the validity of their approach.Rightly so because in spite of their well-intentioned advice, it cost their clients hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars last year and continuing into this year. With many investment strategies down anywhere from 30% to 60% or worse as the global economic crisis continues to unfold it is obvious that this model is broken.

Even though these financial professionals were not to blame for the economic debacle that were in,their clients may not see it that way. They, in good faith, entrusted professional advisors with their hard-earned dollars, with the expectation that they would receive help and advice to preserve their wealth, and build more. When the opposite happened, who else could they blame?

The reality of course is that just about everybody got caught flat-footed when it came to the true severity of the current financial problem. As this meltdown has shown and continues to show, it's highly questionable if the traditional diversified approach for wealth building strategies and wealth preservation—all based on financial instruments tied to the global economy—will work in the future. Less than 3% of the population has a written financial plan. Clearly it is time for financial professionals to rethink how they provide advice and services to their clients. And it's time for those clients to rethink what services and advice they really need and how they will obtain them.

Why can't financial planners help people help themselves and forget their hidden agendas of putting people into financial products where they make the most money. The solution should incorporate a financial education vehicle that has no product bias or agenda vis a vis the typical conflict of interest and that is not designed to steer a prospect to products or services that make the advisor the most money. The desperately needed financial education will teach people how to arrive at objective strategies to help them overcome financial obstacles and reach their future financial goals and dreams by themselves.

A financial planner who really wants to make a difference while making substantially more money in less time could show clients and prospects how to obtain this kind of unbiased financial advice. As a result of the practical, hands-on financial education, their clients should understand how to implement objective recommendations while avoiding middlemen in the process. At the same time, consumers should be able to gain this knowledge independently of their advisors.

A consumer with a sound financial education will be able to create their own financial plan, and will therefore become responsible for it. For those seeking help with financial stress, the solution is to get a financial education so they have the confidence to take control of their own finances and thereby create their own financial security. For the financial professional, in reality, utilizing such a concept becomes a satisfying alternative to do what's best for a client in less time with substantially less potential liability.

An added plus for the financial professional using such a concept would be to add an internet marketing system so as to reach more people who crave the practical financial education they never got in school. Admittedly, most of the internet marketing systems out there are not worth the time of day but there is one that is becoming known as the most powerful and effective internet marketing system available. This internet feature would enable the financial professional to usually earn more money than he was earning while dealing in traditional financial services. Thus the combination of a real practical, hands on financial education coupled with an internet marketing system is a win/win situation for everyone involved.

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