Handcrafted Basket MLM, Longaberger Review

Jon Koh

Longaberger is a Direct Selling Company, whose main product are handcrafted basket and specialty pottery dinnerware.

The rich history of this family business began with Dave Longaberger's Father, J.W. Longaberger in 1919, when he started working for Dreseden Basket Factory, where he learned the fine art of crafting basket bottoms and weaving baskets tight and precise, which eventually became the trademark for Longaberger’s basket.

To honor his father, Dave founded the J.W. Handwoven Baskets in 1976. He even bought the old woolen mill that his mother worked in when he was a child to use as the factory for his business. He first began selling these baskets through retail shops. But after two years, he realized that the best method for selling these baskets was through home shows, where a consultant would be present to demonstrate the Longaberger baskets and explains the craftsmanship of each basket, through these shows, consultant usually arrange for more parties from the guest of their referrals. Since then Longaberger has been selling their basket through direct selling.

Although very few have believed in his business, Dave stayed on course toward his goal. The Longaberger Company now has more than 45,000 consultants in US working to realize their own financial dreams.

The company had continued to stay true to their original mission statement, "To Stimulate a Better Quality of Life".

Dave’s daughter Tami joined the business in 1984 and proved herself to be an excellent leader and was later appointed president of Longaberger. She has helped diversified the company into other home lifestyle areas to include complete line of Pottery, colorful fabrics accessories, wrought iron pieces, liners and protectors for their baskets.

Longaberger also works quite differently from other MLM companies. When you sign up through their website, a consultant in your area will contact you and help you to get started by training you to hold the basket shows. The training mostly involves learning the product line and its unique qualities along with its history.

As a consultant you will be able to receive free or 25% discount on Longaberger baskets and other products according to your sales volume. Through the company Home Show Experience you can also earn commissions.

To get started, you will need to pay $49. If you want to have everything you need to start your business, you can go for the Business Basics Kit at $159. To get a complete inventory of their product range, you can opt for the Business Builder Kit at $399. After that, you will need to put in your commitment of time and hardwork to succeed in this business.

If you are thinking to make a part time income by selling these products, it would be best to speak to the company or a local consultant. Understand the marketing plan, how much you can earn and if you are required to stock inventory or product every month.

However if you are serious about building it as a full time business, you should include some cutting edge online strategy to build a solid business. The following is a 3 steps proven strategy which many industry leaders have used:

1) Personal Branding – Be a leader and provide value to the online community, this way your prospects will trust you and find value in associating with you. This works by you initiating to open yourself to the community, where they can learn about you and getting to know you.

People perform business with other people and not with any business opportunities or products, this explain why you need to constantly promote yourself and build relationship with your prospect.

2) Online Educational Resource – You will need these resources to update you on the latest strategies and methods that are working for the top earners. This will add value to you as the leader and personal branding. These resources will also teach you how to market online and provides you with the education you need to succeed in the network marketing industry. From these resources, you will be able to generate endless leads to explode your business.

3) Automated Marketing System – This is the critical component that you must have to do well in the online marketing industry. This system will help provide you with the platform to build your landing page and sales funnel, converting your leads and prospect into cash flow for your business.

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