Foreclosure Investment: A Few Quick Tips

Gary Jezorski

These days you can't go too long without hearing about the housing bubble burst and the slew of foreclosures taking place in the US. With so many homeowners facing foreclosure the market is ripe for both seasoned and novice investors.

The opportunities to invest in foreclosed properties develop when property owners fail to complete a series of monthly payments, forcing the bank to reclaim the home. The house will then be put up for sale at a bank auction where investors can bid on the property. You can get bank auction information from a variety of online sources.

The buyer's market generated by massive foreclosures allows investors to negotiate much better deals for their target properties. Since homeowners want to avoid foreclosure and are usually pressed for time they are willing to significantly drop the cost of their properties.

In most cases they are trying to sell the home in a very short time span of sixty to ninety days, and a quick sale could save them from further financial difficulties.

There are different strategies for investing in foreclosures and people should stick to the one that most reflects their investment goals. When scouting the market for foreclosed homes there are many resources that you can rely on, some free and some costly.

One option that foreclosure investors have is paying for a foreclosure listing service; many websites offer these for a low monthly fee.

However, since this information can be obtained for free many investors choose to do their own legwork and get these lists directly from lenders or county record offices.

For the most part the results are the same, although if you do get a paid listing service make sure to research the company as some have more up-to-date lists than others.

Another great resource is a local realtor, if you have the option cross reference your lists with the realtor's knowledge of neighborhood statistics.

They can help by telling you valuable information such as what price ranges houses have been selling at in specific areas. Also be sure that the person you're working with has your best interests in mind and not their own.

Overall, buying and selling foreclosed and pre-foreclosed homes can be lucrative investment opportunities. Just make sure to take your time and complete thorough research on any opportunity before you fully commit to a project that you might not be able to handle.

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