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What to look for in a financial planner

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Andre Savoie A financial planner can be a great asset, but how do you know if your planner or advisor is giving you the advice you need? If you are thinking about hiring a … Continue reading

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How to Take Advantage of Cheap Foreclosure Homes

Joseph B. Smith You can find cheap foreclosure homes in almost all neighborhoods in the country. These properties represent a big opportunity for people who dream of owning a home but are financially constrained. Foreclosure homes also provide an opportunity … Continue reading

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Debt Consolidation and Credit Repair

Smith Chen Debt and credit issues face all Americans whether they are currently working or not and whether or not they have managed their finances well over the years. A multitude of financial concerns plague many who have had tragic … Continue reading

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Money for Small Business from the SBA

Smith Chen While poor management is often cited most frequently as the reason businesses fail, inadequate financing is a close second. Whether you’re starting a business or expanding one, sufficient capital is essential. But you must also have the knowledge … Continue reading

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Are Your Being a Stupid Jerk with Your Marketing?

Dan Kennedy The incredible stupidity, cheapskatedness, laziness of business owners is most visible in their consistent bizarre behavior regarding present customers vs. new customers or prospects in their small business marketing. They are loathe to spend money and time on … Continue reading

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Traditional Retirement Planning is in Trouble – Don’t Get Comfortable – The 3 Legged Stool is Broken

Roger H Ely If you’re over 60, you’re probably familiar with the traditional “Three Legged Stool” model of saving for retirement; SOCIAL SECURITY, PENSIONS, SAVINGS. You may have used this method in planning your retirement income. Well don’t get too … Continue reading

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Retirement Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

Kurt Naulaerts Are you ready to start planning and preparing for your retirement? If so, congratulations you are making a step in the right direction. The earlier you start planning for your retirement, the better off you will be when … Continue reading

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The Greatest Strategy So Few Small Business Marketers Are Willing To Use

Dan Kennedy Never discouraged by futility or resistance, I continue to teach and preach the profound advantage available only through precise message to market match. And I have another instructive example. The big sporting goods, hunting, fishing, camping and apparel … Continue reading

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A More Effective Financial Planning Model For Today

Harley Hunter Wow, Uncle Sam is making a bad situation worse by their bailouts and so-called stimulus packages. Individuals making their living providing financial planning and investment advisory are questioning the validity of their approach.Rightly so because in spite of … Continue reading

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A Whole Life Vs A Term Life Insurance Policy

Danny Aaron A life insurance policy should be in place for the financial provider of any household. Even stay-at-home moms should have a life insurance policy so that the family is covered financially should anything happen to them. A lot … Continue reading

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